Levitate - Cost Analysis
What does it mean to you when you can avoid disruptions and interruptions when installing carpet? Saving money. Lots of it! Modular Designs' carpet lift installation system enables you to save more than 25% on your actual expenditure, and more than 40% when you value important employee-related costs. The following cost analysis reveals the cost savings realized from using Modular Designs' proven carpet lift installation system versus traditional methods. The parameters of this project comparison yields a total savings of 40%, or $140,000, from using Modular Designs' carpet lift installation system when installing Modular carpet. Try it with your own variables.
Square Feet Yards
Square Footage (Square Yards / 9)
Yardage Estimate (Square Feet X 9)
Number of Workstations (Based on 200 Sq. Ft. Each)

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Products & Services Unit Broadloom
Material Costs *Broadloom @ 5150 Sq Yds

Modular @ 5000 Sq Yds
$ per Yard
$ per Yard
Workstation Disassembly,
Move and Reinstallation
225 Workstations $ $84,375.00 $0.00
Power, Data and Phone
225 Workstations $ $61,875.00 $0.00
Removal of Existing Carpet
and Installation of New
Broadloom @ 5150 Sq Yds

Modular @ 5000 Sq Yds
$ per Yard
$ per Yard
Total Products & Services $280,150.00 $210,000.00

Costs of Disruption
Number of Workstations 225
Hours Disrupted Per Employee 10
Total Lost Hours 2250
Estimated Average Cost Per Hour $40
Total Cost of Disruption $90,000.00 $0.00
Total $370,150.00 $210,000.00

*Note: An additional 3% waste
factor for broadloom is included.