Keyword Research Services for SEO and PPC

Keyword Research Services for SEO and PPC

  1. Brainstorming Keywords Takes Patience, but Can Yield Great Results
  2. Most Organizations Do “Lazy” Keyword Research
  3. Keyword Research Often Gives Organizations a Competitive Advantage in Online Marketing

Keyword research is a key activity when it comes to implementing solid digital marketing campaigns. A great way to give your company a competitive advantage in the world of Internet marketing is to do a good job of brainstorming keywords for use in Google and Yahoo as well as search engine optimization (SEO). Many companies when they start advertising on Google or Yahoo fall into the trap of being “lazy” with keyword research. For example, if a company sells accounting services in Nashville, TN, they will probably identify the “obvious” keywords quickly (ie. nashville accounting, nashville accountant,nashville cpa, etc.).

However, good internet marketing requires thorough keyword research. Websults recommends that organizations invest time into brainstorming a complete list of keywords that prospective clients may use. Most small businesses should have between 100 – 1,000 keywords in their Google advertising accounts. Larger ecommerce websites often have hundreds of thousands of keywords registered with Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing. In the example of the Nashville accounting firm, there are a plethora of keywords that one would identify after thoughtful research. Examples include:

  • quickbooks expert nashville
  • brentwood accounting firm
  • nashville finance advisor
  • middle tennessee accountant
  • middle tn accounting firm
  • accounting advice nashville tennessee

Many companies will find it advantageous for a web agency, such as Websults, to assist in the keyword brainstorming process. Companies often can quickly generate an initial list of 5 – 15 relevant keywords (the obvious keywords). Based on this information, Websults is able to compile a comprehensive keywords list to determine which keywords are most relevant and most likely to deliver a significant increase in relevant web traffic on your new site. Information is provided in an Excel spreadsheet. This work is often performed in conjunction with Google AdWords setup.

Besides benefiting pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, good keyword research can also help guide SEO strategies for a company. For example, if an “off the radar” keyword is performing well on AdWords or Yahoo, then that keyword can be used on a page to target a high ranking on Google for natural search. In other words, thorough keyword research can reveal “golden” keywords that can be leveraged in not just PPC campaigns, but also SEO efforts where you attempt to rank #1 on Google for a given keyword.

If you would like assistance on keyword research for SEO or PPC, please contact Websults.

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