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Web development is a broad term somewhat analogous to the term “building construction.” There are many aspects and nuances to web development. For example, a good web developer knows how to develop pages that are easily read by search engines, such as Google. Some web developers can make a pretty web page, but they do not know how to properly code the page to give it the best chance of ranking high on Google for relevant keywords (SEO). As you review companies to develop your next website, experience of the web developer should be one of your primary considerations.


Law Firm SEO


Developing a search engine friendly website is an art. Your website does not have to look boring or plain to be search engine friendly with high ratio of text to graphics. By enlisting the help of a professional web consultant, such as Websults, you can be one step closer to a search engine friendly website that generates results for your organization.


Law Firm Web Hosting


Web hosting allows your website to be accessed by Internet users at any time. Web hosting companies have servers that are always connected to the Internet, which allow them to serve your website files (pages, images, videos, etc.) to users at any time. If you would like us to review your website and suggest some web hosting configurations for you to consider, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Law Firm & Lawyer Web Analytics


Web site analytics is a key business activity that most organizations should embrace. It certainly does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars on a web site and then not invest in monitoring and measuring its results. Good web analytics allows middle and senior management to make informed decisions as they relate to online marketing, advertising, and strategy. By relying on Websults as your web analytics partner, you can be assured that your web site data will be kept confidential and analyzed using industry best practices, processes and software.


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Websults has developed hundreds of custom designed WordPress websites and actively manages online marketing campaigns for multiple law firms. We serve clients across the United States and maintain offices in Nashville, Tennessee and Tampa, Florida. Please contact us at (813) 666-4600 or fill out the form below to discuss your online needs and aspirations.

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