Animations and Corporate Presentations

Animations and Corporate Presentations

Animations and Corporate Presentations are a great way to explain a product or idea using video instead of text. You can explain your idea in a fun and easy to understand way that your website visitors will remember… even after they leave your site.

According to Smart Insights, there are four major reasons to use animated video on your site. Those reasons are:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • It helps SEO
  • Viral sharing and marketing potential
  • Saves time and money

Visitors who visit your site are likely to stay on your page longer and have a higher click-through rate. A video on your landing page will also help your visitor understand what your company or product is all about without having to click and read through your site.

Since Google owns YouTube, having a video on YouTube that is linked to your site gives you a better chance to show up on the Google first-page search result. People are also more inclined to share a video instead of a website because it is something that allows for a few moments of entertainment, instead of just a series of text.

Animations and Corporate Presentations are also a great way to show your product or idea to potential investors. Instead of coming up with another boring PowerPoint presentation, allow Websults® to make you an animated video that will breath new life into your product or business and in turn create more profit for you and your investors.

Below is an animated video we created for HealthTech Solutions Group. to demonstrate their product called myCLAIMIQ AlphaCollector™.

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