Websults Celebrates Freedom on the Fourth of July

In honor of the 4th of July, Websults proudly celebrates freedom and independence together with the whole nation. For the benefits and privileges we enjoy today, we would like to express our deep gratitude towards the front lines of freedom, who sacrificed for liberty, who bravely fought for a united, free and independent state. 

On this day two centuries ago, our predecessors established the foundation of democracy, the Declaration of Independence of the United State. We acknowledge that the journey to true freedom did not end there but rather it began. We inherit not only the blessing to live under independence, but also the mission of standing for freedom for all. The concept of freedom should be commonplace to all the people in the world.



At Websults, we believe freedom should be celebrated not only today but also every day. As a web development, digital marketing and search engine optimization agency, Websults aims to provide freedom to clients nationwide in a form of personalized and professional service.

Approaching web design projects from a business perspective, we understand managing business and marketing at the same time can be overwhelming. Online presence is no longer an option, it is necessary. We take our client’s business our priority, and we work hard to create websites that deliver real bottom line results. Therefore, we want to be there as an in-house team, responsive and reliable, so our clients can have more time focusing on running their business with the peace of mind that their website and online marketing campaigns are in good hands.

Jon Weindruch, President of Websults, added: “We want our clients to feel free when it comes to their websites and have a competitive advantage in their industry by working with us to generate better search rankings, more traffic, more inquiries. That is the benefit of working with Websults and also the reason why we started Websults.”

Bringing freedom is how we define our true service, and we look forward to delivering that to you. Happy Independence Day, America!

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